U.S .Congress

Congressman Michael Capuano, 8th Congressional District
Congressman Edward Markey, 7th Congressional District
Congressman James McGovern, 3rd Congressional District
Congressman Martin T. Meehan, 5th Congressional District

Statewide Office

Attorney General Thomas Reilly

Governor's Council

Governor's Councillor Marilyn Petito Devaney, 3rd District

State Senate

Senate President Robert Travaglini, 1st Suffolk and Middlesex
Senator Jarrett Barrios, Middlesex Suffolk and Essex
Senator Cynthia Creem, 1st Middlesex and Norfolk
Senator Robert Havern, 4th Middlesex
Senator Susan Fargo, 3rd Middlesex
Senator Steven Panagiotakos, 1st Middlesex
Senator Steven Tolman, 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex
Senator Susan Tucker, 2nd Essex and Middlesex

House of Representatives

Representative Garret Bradley, 3rd Plymouth
Representative Paul Casey, 35th Middlesex
Representative Edward Connolly, 28th Middlesex
Representative Paul Donato, 35th Middlesex
Representative Christopher Fallon, 33rd Middlesex
Representative Michael Festa, 32nd Middlesex
Representative Colleen Garry, 36th Middlesex
Representative Thomas Golden, Jr., 1st Middlesex
Representative Geoffrey Hall, 2nd Middlesex
Representative Rachel Kaprielian, 29th Middlesex
Representative Kay Khan, 11 Middlesex
Representative Jay Kaufman, 15th Middlesex
Representative Peter Koutoujian, 10th Middlesex
Representative Stephen LeDuc, 4th Middlesex
Representative David Linsky, 5th Middlesex
Representative James, Miceli, 19th Middlesex
Representative Charles Murphy, 21st Middlesex
Representative Kevin Murphy, 18th Middlesex
Representative Patrick Natale, 13th Middlesex
Representative Anne Paulsen, 24th Middlesex
Representative Robert Rice, 2nd Worcester
Representative Thomas Stanley, 9th Middlesex
Representative Timothy Toomey, 26th Middlesex
Representative Alice Wolf, 25th Middlesex


Mayor David Cohen, Newton
Mayor Robert Dolan, Melrose
Mayor John Hanlon, Everett
Mayor Richard Howard, Malden
Mayor William Martin, Lowell
Mayor Jeannette McCarthy, Waltham
Mayor Michael J. McGlynn, Medford
Mayor Kenneth E. Reeves, Cambridge

City Aldermen and Councillors

Alderman Robert Van Campen, Everett
Alderman Jason Marcus, Everett
Alderman Peter Mortimer, Melrose
Alderman Paul Broduer, Melrose
Alderman Jay Harney, Newton
Alderman Carelton Merrrill, Newton
Alderman Anthony Salvucci, Newton
Alderman Raymond Drapeau, Woburn
Councillor Timothy Toomey, Cambridge
Councillor E. Denise Simmons, Cambridge
Councillor Sal DiDomenico, Everett
Councillor Rosa DiFlorio, Everett
Councillor John (Leo) McKinnon, Everett
Councillor Eloy Sierra, Everett
Councillor Anthony Ranieri, Everett
Councillor Millie Cardello, Everett
Councillor Wayne Matewsky, Everett
Councillor Rita Mercier, Lowell
Councillor Armand Mercier, Lowell
Councillor Paul Condon, Malden
Councillor Paul DiPietro, Malden
Councillor Michael Sheehan, Malden
Councillor Martin Gately, Malden
Councillor Robert Katz, Marlborough
Councillor Edward Clancy, Marlborough
Councillor Stephanie Muccini Burke, Medford
Councillor Kenneth Doucette, Waltham
Councillor Gary Marchese, Waltham
Councillor Robert Logan, Waltham
Councillor Kathleen McMenimen, Waltham
Councillor Joseph Giordano, Waltham


Selectmen Ken Cunha, Dracut
Selectman John Zimini, Dracut
Selectman David Connolly, Natick

County Officials

Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley
Middlesex County Clerk of Courts Edward J. Sullivan
Middlesex County Registrar of Probate John Buonomo
Register of Deeds of the Northern District of Middlesex County Richard Howe
Suffolk County Clerk of Courts John Nucci

Other Honorable Endorsements

Former Attorney General L. Scott Harshbarger
Democratic State Committee Person Tom Larkin
Democratic State Committee Person and former Representative Carol Donovan
Democratic Candidate for Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone

Labor and Union Endorsements

The Service Employees International Union, SEIU
Mass Laborers District Council
Merrimack Valley Labor Council
Central Mass Labor Council
North Shore Labor Council
Greater Boston Labor Council
Professional Firefighters of Mass
Cambridge Firefighters IAFF - Local 30
Massachusetts Police Association
State Police Association of Massachusetts
Cambridge Police Superiors Officers Union
Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association
Medford Police Patrolmen's Association
Arlington Police Ranking Officers Association
Arlington Police Patrolman's Association
National Association of Government Employees
Mailhandlers Local 301
Gasfitters Local 12
2 Cambridge Local AFSCME affiliates
International Brotherhood of Police Officers
International Association of Corrections Officers
Laborers International Union Local 380
Teamsters - Local 25
Carpenters Local Union 40
Carpenters Local Union 26
Carpenters Local Union 424
Carpenters Local Union 107
Carpenters Local Union 535
Carpenters Local Union 1305
Pile Drivers Local Union 56
District Council - Local 35 - Painters
Boston Carmen's Union - Local Division 589
IBEW - Local 2222
Utility Workers Union - Local 369
Millwright and Machinery Erectors Local Union 1121
Carpenters Union Local 723

Print Publications

The Alewife
The Somerville News
The Cambridge Chronicle

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